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Blue Sky Velo
Winter Ride

Written by BSV Member Doug R.

It was Friday afternoon when the Blue Sky Velo email came out saying the Saturday morning road ride was cancelled due to the weather, and then another email from the Plank leaders announcing the BSV social ride was off too because it was too cold and might be unsafe. I was thinking the forecasted 5 degrees might be on the chilly side, but fresh snow ALWAYS calls for a cyclocross ride. Must be time to see if there is anyone else willing to try a Saturday morning Arctic ride.

In the end, Jeremy Wilcox was the only taker and showed up at my place at the appointed time with a mountain bike. We were outside and ready to ride when Jeremy discovered it was so cold, the palls in the rear wheel didn’t always close, and the pedals and chain spun freely in both directions. This was not good, but still determined to ride, we decided to load the bikes in the truck and drive to his house to get his other mountain bike.

Then we were off…

By the time we headed out it was 10AM, and had warmed up to around 9 degrees. Earlier that morning it taken 20 minutes to put the 5+ layers of thermal gear on, but we had just the right stuff on to stay warm and enjoy the ride. We ended up riding for two and a half hours, to cover ~23 miles of snow covered back roads before my toes finally started to complain. When we arrived back at Vic’s in Prospect, we warmed up with a latte and chatted a while before heading to our separate homes.

It’s too bad you didn’t get out with us today, but I do hope you enjoyed your trainer.

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