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Make sure you're fully decked out in BSV Gear for the season! Place your order by Feb. 14th!

Hi BSV friends and family,
The kit ordering details have been finalized and Pearl Izumi’s website is now open for BSV orders!
You can order as many clothing pieces as you like, but all members must order at least one current jersey. If you already have one from last year, you can order a different upper body piece ( ie, vest, jacket, l/s jersey).  We want to make sure we represent our current sponsors well, by making sure everyone has current Blue Sky Velo kit pieces!
Here’s your link to place your clothing order: (Window closes on Feb. 14th)
If you’be been thinking of joining Blue Sky (or haven’t re-upped for 2013), please do so NOW! Fees are only $40.  You won’t find a better cycling club bargain anywhere! Here’s your link to sign up:

It was Friday afternoon when the Blue Sky Velo email came out saying the Saturday morning road ride was cancelled due to the weather, and then another email from the Plank leaders announcing the BSV social ride was off too because it was too cold and might be unsafe. I was thinking the forecasted 5 degrees might be on the chilly side, but fresh snow ALWAYS calls for a cyclocross ride. Must be time to see if there is anyone else willing to try a Saturday morning Arctic ride.

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Hi fellow BSV-tri members!

I just wanted to write a race report for my first-ever iron-distance tri, last weekend’s
PPD Beach to Battleship in Wilmington, NC.

In my opinion, this event has a fantastic location and was probably the best experience of all my triathlons due to energetic volunteers everywhere and supportive fans. On top of that I loved the small downtown metro, great beach/water, excellent roads, etc.

Perhaps we got super lucky with weather, but it was the most perfect day in so many respects and I finished in 10:26:37.  Broken down, I had a 52:04 swim, 5:27:40 bike and 3:53:56 run plus approximately 6 min. each for T1 and T2.  That put me in 30th place overall (650 total), and 5th M40-44 to cross finish, but technically a SECOND PLACE age group finish because of the roll-down of awards as others in age group place top-5 overall. Every aspect of my day was essentially perfect!

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This past Sunday I “raced” in the Ironman Branson 70.3 event.  This
was one that I did back in 2010 and I suffered big time, so this time
around was purely for vindication.  In 2010, I was not prepared at all
for the bike course which is considered the hardest on the 70.3
circuit.  I clocked it at 4500 feet of vertical over the 56 mile ride,
which is on the order of Lyons to Brainard Lake, for context.  I spent
a lot of time on hills this year to prepare and also logged about
1000+ miles more than 2010.  The weather in 2010 was 95 degrees and
100% humidity which absolutely drained me – I lost 10 pounds on the
course that day.  This time around it was 45 degrees at the start of
the swim and in the 50s and 60s on the bike.  40 degrees cooler makes
a LOT of difference.

The short story is that I missed my goal of sub 6:00 hours, and ended
up with 6:22 and change.  Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed, but
6:22 isn’t a bad time, I suppose.  Here’s the abridged version of the
race report.

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After competing in the March Gator Half Triathlon in Bradenton, FL, I was looking to take a
break from triathlon for the remainder of 2012. In addition to some cycling races, I wanted
another summer challenge, and I found it in the form of the Colorado Triple Crown Series. The
Colorado Triple Crown is a collection of single day, timed double century road cycling events.
They are, simply put, the most challenging road cycling events in the state of Colorado. These
events include the Joe Lookingbill Denver-to-Aspen Classic (180mi and 13k feet of climbing),
Colorado Death Ride (225mi and 16k feet of climbing), the Grand Loop (200mi and 15k feet
of climbing), and the (new) Cripple Creek Crippler. Since the early 1990s, the RMCC has been
riding the three individual events of the Colorado Triple Crown as preparation for Paris-Brest-
Paris (PBP), Boston-Montreal-Boston (BMB), and other longer endurance cycling events. In
2009, the RMCC formally organized these events into the Colorado Triple Crown. Completion
of three of the Colorado Triple Crown stages in a single calendar year earns the cyclist the
unique designation of a Colorado Triple Crown Finisher. To date, there are only 13 riders in
RMCC history who have accomplished this feat. I completed the first three events. Here is my

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If you haven’t made it to the BSV Mountain Bike training camps in Fruita, you need to free up your calendar for next year as they are an absolute blast. We had a great group this year, and rode a lot of great trails. Due to time constraints, I only got to ride with the full group one day but it was a day full of smiles.

I captured a bunch of footage from part of one day and pieced it together. I circulated this around the mountain bike group, but thought I’d put it out to the larger group to give those that weren’t able to attend a taste of Fruita riding.

I’m a big fan of the Voler jerseys the club started using two years ago (thanks again clothing coordinators!). The fit is good, but most importantly for an MTBer, the durability and color fastness is good too, better than previous years. However, one thing has always bugged me and that’s the zipper pull. First of all, it’s not easy to grab especially with winter gloves on, but most importantly, it rattles annoyingly on the buckle of a pack’s sternum strap (only an MTBer would have this complaint, I guess).

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