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Easy but useful jersey mod

Written by BSV Member David S.

I’m a big fan of the Voler jerseys the club started using two years ago (thanks again clothing coordinators!). The fit is good, but most importantly for an MTBer, the durability and color fastness is good too, better than previous years. However, one thing has always bugged me and that’s the zipper pull. First of all, it’s not easy to grab especially with winter gloves on, but most importantly, it rattles annoyingly on the buckle of a pack’s sternum strap (only an MTBer would have this complaint, I guess).

So, I thought of the following after seeing how the zipper pulls on my Sierra Designs tent worked. For the record, while I was initially excited that I was the first to think of this, John P. beat me to it. When I told him the idea, he said he’d already done it. So, John gets original credit, I think.

The idea is simple – just cut off the old zipper pull with wire cutters and replace it with a short length of paracord. I used what I had on hand, some white 325 paraline, but black might be better.

The knot makes it easier to grab with gloves, and no more rattling! And it’s lighter too, that metal zipper pull probably weighed a good 2 grams or so. I probably gain some few hundredths of a second in an hour with this change, perhaps I’ll podium in my next race now too. 🙂

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