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Group Rides

Funny thing about people who join cycling clubs: they like to ride with other cyclists!  Blue Sky Velo has organized rides taking off every weekend! Our A rides, for those that train to race, take off from Vic’s Coffee Shop on Airport Rd, every weekend! Our group recreational ride (referred to as the PLANK ride), currently leaves from Mary’s Market in Hygiene every other Sat./every other Sunday. Check out our Facebook for routes and times, then come join us!

group rides


There’s no better way to get faster, then to train with cyclists with the same goal! Blue Sky Velo has members racing in just about every ACA category! We meet up at Vic’s Coffee Shop every weekend for a group training ride. Routes and pace vary depending on the time of year. During the off season we take off at 10 a.m. for a 2-3 hour ride, avg. 18-20 mph. Cold? Barring snow or dangerous road conditions, we’ll be riding, so layer up ! And plan to bring along 2 water bottles and some snacks for the road!

Once the weather warms up, we start out at 9, and the rides will be anywhere from 2-4 hours.  We begin to pick up the pace too – getting some practice in for those early season TT’s!   Starting in May we’ll be getting some sprint practice in, and we’ll be full-on racing from late May through early September.  Ride times and routes are always posted on Facebook in advance, and announced on the BSV Road Googlegroup as well.

Not racing, but like to ride at a higher level?  No worries, Blue Sky’s got it covered there too! We encourage our members that aren’t racing to post impromptu weekend rides, choosing the time and duration that works for them.  Googlegroups and Facebook posts make it easy to find riding partners!

PLANK (All Club) Rides

PLANK is the funny name for Blue Sky Velo ‘s All-Club Rides! “All Club” means just that – an all-inclusive no-drop ride! Regardless of discipline ( area of primary focus within the club), all members are invited to join! Routes vary from week to week, but are somewhere between 20-30 miles, at 15-16 mph, social pace. We take off from Mary’s Market in Hygiene every other Saturday, every other Sunday. The first ride of every month is a great time to check out what it’s all about! That’s the day we head up to Lyons and back. It’s a mostly flat ride, with wide shoulders along 66. Check out our Facebook page or our Club Googlegroup forum for information on this week’s upcoming ride!