Building Community Through Cycling

Blue Sky Velo

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Over hill, over dale, over steps, and through the sand, snow and…muck! If you already love Cyclocross or have been wanting to try it, you’ll love what’s going on under the Blue Sky!

You may not even know what Cyclocross is…or just maybe you are one of those sick individuals for whom the thought of cowbells, the smell of embrocation, and the feel of slimy mud or grass under your feet gets your heart pumping (yeah, you know who you are). Well, whatever your experience, from beginner to seasoned expert, there’s something here for you at Blue Sky Velo!

We organize group rides, training opportunities, and clinics with some of the sport’s best coaches! Participants at our  clinics have seen the likes of Amy Dombrowski, Allison Powers, Jake Wells, Pete Webber, and many more! You won’t get any better tips or secrets than from these seasoned pros!

Our current core group of crossers is mainly one of (aging) masters men, but we also have women, juniors, and SM 3’s and 4’s!. If you are looking for a fanatical group of 35-50+ cross riders, we have a ready-made support and cheering section built in for you!  And if you are simply looking to give Cross a try and see if you like it, we’re a very supportive bunch and can help you make the transition from newbie to cyclocross addict in no time!

Here are just a few of the things you will find when you join us:

  • An open and supportive group of cyclocross enthusiasts
  • Technique clinics to help you improve form and efficiency and gain speed
  • Group training sessions to improve your form, speed your mounts and dismounts, and help you build your confidence
  • Nutritional consulting
  • Presentations and workshops by sport specific professionals
  • Social events

At Blue Sky Velo, we’ve got a CX contigent that’s so into mud and cowbells that we’ve been putting on the Blue Sky Velo Cup, one of Colorado’s best Cyclocross races for 5 years running!  Held at the Xlinx campus in Longmont, and staffed almost entirely by Blue Sky Velo members, it’s now one of the largest races in Colorado!

Long live mud, cowbells and the smell of embrocation flowing through autumn air!