Building Community Through Cycling

Blue Sky Velo

Thanks to all of you that made it out for the TTT practice this past Saturday.  Our day started with me, Nick, Jason and Nathan rolling out of Vic’s and getting a good warm-up heading to the start-line. There we met up with Sam and Eric and went over the details of the first half of the course.  It took us a little bit but we got our rotation flowing pretty smoothly and cruised up Route 36 and went flying down Nelson. At 76th we took a break to talk about the second half of the course and were joined by Doug, Craig and Jose.  From there we tackled the rollers of 76th and the slow grind of Neva into a gusty wind. Four of us hadn’t had enough so we took on a second lap and really settled into things.  I think we all got a good workout.

Teammates showed up on a mix of TT and road bikes so if you don’t have a TT rig this should not stop you from joining us next time.

Keep your eye open for Wednesday after work TT practice starting on the 13th of March. The sun stays up until 7 pm so we should wrap up by then.  Let me know how early you could start riding? Also let me know, if you prefer to meet at Vic’s or some other location.   If you didn’t get a chance to join us this past Saturday but still want to get some time trialing in this spring keep an eye open for further announcements.