Building Community Through Cycling

Blue Sky Velo
Why Join Blue Sky Velo

Great people, fun rides, a good place to be!

What Does it Take to Join Blue Sky?

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Simply put, you have to like to ride! (Really!) You can be a recreational cyclist, you can enjoy racing and compete at a high level, maybe you like to ride through snow and mud and jump over obstacles carrying your bike, or perhaps you ride single track and climb rocks on bikes with big knobby tires! And if you like to run/bike and swim all in the same event, we’ve got you covered there too!   However you like to ride, Blue Sky Velo has members who share your passion!

But above all, we expect our members to support each other and to represent our club and our generous sponsors well with a good attitude, volunteering at club-sponsored events and by giving back to the community!

Join Us!

There are many benefits to becoming a member of Blue Sky Velo (aka “The Nation”)! Here is a sampling:

      • Focus-specific clinics and/ or training camps to enhance your skills! All club members are eligible to take part in any and all club activities, regardless of stated focus.
      • Club-exclusive forums for sharing ideas, season plans, suggestions, etc. and generally staying in touch with your fellow club members
      • Cool jersey/kits showing you’re a member of the BSV Nation!
      • Great way to find riding partners
      • No drop club rides
      • A Group rides for those who like to race
      • Social opportunities to eat, drink and well…be social,
      • Generous discounts from our sponsors

Our season runs annually from Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st of the following year. Dues are just $50 per year + a $50 jersey credit to be used towards your team jersey ($100 total)! Each member is required to purchase at least one jersey per year and your jersey credit can be applied to this purchase. Our kit orders usually take place in the spring and mid-summer. You won’t find a better bargain (or cycling club) in town!

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